MUAN is an open-source software for frame-by-frame animation, compatible with Linux, Windows and Macintosh operational systems.

The software was designed by Anima Mundi, International Animation Festival of Brazil, and developed by IMPA, Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, with the support of IBM. Its graphic interface enables fast creation, editing, manipulation and visualization of animations, with the use of video cameras or webcams connected to the computer. Because it was elaborated for educational purposes, MUAN is simple and easy to operate, and its functions cater to both beginners and professional animators.

Using the MUAN system, one can record still images in sequence and edit them with the same software, through an intuitive and fast performance interface. Its instantaneity favors spontaneity and creativity in the production of animation. MUAN does not create or edit images itself: it focuses on the manipulation of image sequencing, a concept that would otherwise be unknown to a layman in animation. The development of the system took into account all the demands observed during years of practical work by the ANIMA MUNDI staff in the organization of animation workshops.