General Questions
How does MUAN capture images to generate an animation file?
MUAN can capture images through a camera connected to the computer using a firewire, capture card (S-video cables or RCA/composite) or webcam. In these cases, you must own the specific equipment for each connection. In the first case, an IEEE1394/Firewire connection is needed. To work with an S-video or composite cable, you need a USB or PCI video capture card. If you would rather work with a webcam, make sure that it is compatible with the operational system that is being used.
What is the best way of capturing images?
What is the best way of capturing images?We recommend you use a camera with a firewire connection, such as a MiniDV, because it is the fastest equipment and presents the best quality. A USB capture card is the cheapest option for somebody who already owns an old video camera and cannot afford a new one. Even if it is not the most recommended, the image quality via capture card is good. A webcam is only recommended if it is a high image quality and light capture product, because this equipment is usually simple and cheap, with an inferior image quality, compared to the examples above.
Can the capturing be done with a photographic camera?
Yes, but with a photographic camera, the possibility of instantaneous visualization allowed by MUAN is unavailable. The photos captured by the photographic camera must be imported after they have been captured, which, when working with children, might not be ideal, because the element of instantaneity is lost. To import the photos, you must click on the Import Images button a click on the folder where the photos are located, not on the photos themselves.
About the use...
How can I configure the default duration time for the frame?
Open the Preferences dialogue box, type in the time you want in the Default Duration box and then click Save. After you do this, the modification will be made.
Opening the Preferences Dialogue Box
In the main window of Muan_OS, select System Preferences Menu. In the main window of Muan_AE, use the Preferences button.
Where is the Automatic Save file (Backup file) located?
During installation, the Automatic Save file must be configured manually. The name and the path of the Automatic Save file are configured in the Preferences dialogue box, but this file will only exist if the Automatic Save option is selected on the dialogue box.
How can I recover an animation file using the backup file?
Click on the File – Load menu (or Load button), select backup file and then save a copy of the animation.
How can I create an animation cycle?
To create an animation cycle, you need to select the section that will repeat itself, with the Section tool, click on the Copy button, and then Paste it wherever and as many times as you want.
How can I import a photo sequence so that MUAN will turn it into a video?
First, you must put the photos in order, using the names of the files. The photos don’t need to be numbered in order. MUAN accepts broken orders, such as 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 05.jpg, 09.jpg. But it is important that they be in an increasing and linear order. Most digital photographic cameras number the photos automatically, and this can be very helpful. We suggest that you store different sequences in different folders. This makes importing easier, because MUAN imports the folder where the photos are located. After importing the folder from a scene, check if the duration of the frames is in order and make the necessary adjustments. Save the animation with its own name, such as scene03.avi.
About problems...
The camera is connected, but there is no image on the image area or the image window…
  • if the camera is connected;
  • if the camera is turned on;
  • if the camera connection matches the type configured in the Preferences dialogue box.
Changes in the Preferences dialogue box are not taking effect...
Changes in the Preferences dialogue box are not taking effect…In Linux, check if the login you are using has writing permission for the file /usr/local/share/muan/pref.ini. When you save new preferences, this file is overwritten.
MUAN has crashed, what do I do?
MUAN has crashed, what do I do?In case MUAN stops responding and displays a message that says the camera is apparently turned off, save your animation, in whichever state it is in and whether it is finished or not. Once this is done, load the animation that you have just saved and check if everything is in order and that it has been successfully saved. If you do this, the program will load the animation together with the one that is already open. Therefore, you will have the same animation saved twice. This is just a safety procedure, and your animation will be saved NORMALLY. After checking that the animation is saved, try to find the possible problem, which can be: the camera is turned off, there is a contact failure on the Firewire cable or on the Firewire card. If these options are all ok, restart Linux, but only AFTER checking that the current animation was successfully saved. It is possible that the computer crashes before you can turn it off. If this happens, turn it off pressing the button that turns the laptop on for 10 seconds, and turn it back on after it has remained off for 15 seconds. If the computer crashes before you have a chance to save your animation, search for the autosave file, and, if necessary, record the lost frames over again.